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Sambucus Black Eldelberry - for a healthy immune system

Sambucus Black Eldelberry - for a healthy immune system

Elderberries have long been used to help promote immune health and fight off colds. Its immune support can be attributed to its deep and almost black color, which relates to the high antioxidant content of the berry.

In fact, of all berries, the elderberry has among the best and highest measurable antioxidant capacity. 

Natuvitz Sambucus Black Elderberry 

  • Provides daily antioxidant and immune function support. You can rely on it for active immune defense anywhere you are, at home, in the office, gym or even while travelling. Also packed with 7.5 mg of Zinc that promotes the formation of connective tissues, an important factor in maintaining healthy skin, hair, muscles and joints. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with Natuvitz today!


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