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Here are 10 AMAZING benefits of our Advance Diet Detox Cleanse:

Here are 10 AMAZING benefits of our Advance Diet Detox Cleanse:

Here are 10 AMAZING benefits of our Advance Diet Detox Cleanse:

  1. Weight loss– toxins can be harmful to the cells and tissues of the body. Thankfully, you have a built-in protective mechanism which is to encapsulate and safely store the excess in your fat cells. Unfortunately, this means as your toxic load becomes greater, your fat cells grow as well. The good news is as you eliminate toxins, you also shrink the fat cells and release weight you may have been holding onto.
  2. Increased energy– the organic, plant-based foods featured on our detox are clean burning, nutrient packed, easily digested and naturally energizing.
  3. Joint pain relief– removing gluten, dairy and sugar from the diet while flooding the body with antioxidants reduces inflammation that is often correlated with swelling and pain, especially in the joints.
  4. Improved digestion– eating light, clean foods that are primarily cooked or blended supports the digestive process while the high fiber intake encourages bowel regularity.
  5. Boosted immunity– ridding the body of burdensome toxins helps strengthen the immune system so you are better able to fight off bacteria and viruses before they transpire to colds, flu or infection.
  6. Reduced cravings– when you remove processed, hyperpalatable and addictive foods from your diet for even a few days, your taste buds start to change. As a result, sugar and junk food cravings are replaced with a desire for healthier, more nourishing foods.
  7. Stabilized mood– eliminating caffeine and sugar while loading up on nutrient-rich, high-fiber foods helps stabilize the blood sugar which balances and calms the nervous system.
  8. Clearer skin– the skin is a primary channel of elimination and directly reflects the internal environment. When your system is clean, as seen after a detox, your skin will appear smoother, more vibrant and youthful.
  9. Improved sleep– the de-stress of a detox helps calm the brain and hormonal system which promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.
  10. Sharper mind– toxins impair both mental and physical function. As you remove them from the system, brain fog lifts while memory, mental clarity and focus improve.

Although promoted as a weight loss program, as you can see, detox is so much more. This full-body reset helps boost energy, improve mental clarity, reduce hunger and cravings, minimize aches and pain, rebalance hormones, restore sleep cycles, support digestion and strengthen the immune system.


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